Ranger Activities

Rangers, Ngala Dakku and partners go walking and talking on country together, listening to country and doing what country tells us to do.

“When we had only man rangers, we were only doing half the job. Now we have women rangers, we are complete.”

– Senior Ranger Otto Campion

“If we go to country, the country will be happy. People on country is important, both men and women.”

– Mali Djarrbal

ASRAC Rangers undertake a range of land and sea management activities including:

  • Fire management
  • Feral animal control
  • Crocodile management
  • Crocodile farming
  • Fishing closure compliance
  • Sea country management
  • Weed management
  • Cultural mapping and archiving
  • Threatened species management
  • Community education and development
  • General operations
  • Working with Ramingining School to deliver the Learning on Country program

Healthy Country Plan

We know that the land needs its people to care for it and to keep it healthy. In the same way we know that caring for the country keeps us healthy – physically, spiritually and mentally.