October 25, 2021

ASRAC’s Miyalk (Women) Rangers led a research trip to Gurruwiling (the Arafura Swamp) to help CDU PhD and Honours students, Isabel Ely and Mick Taylor, search for Banda (Long-necked Turtles). Banda is a favoured bush food, and the students are researching the turtle’s nutritional value and their health in different environments.

The rangers – Mali Djarrpal, Elizabeth Djakurrur, Frances Djulibing, Margaret Dalparri, Gladys Wombati and Daisy Ganyila – found nine turtles over two days. After Isabel and Mick took their samples, the rangers enjoyed cooking and eating the turtles.

Mali noted that the Banda population was in healthy numbers at the collection sites – their intestines were hard which indicates there are plenty more to find!