June 11, 2019

In May 2019, ASRAC rangers attended the 7th National Fire Management Conference in Botswana, hosted by the International Savanna Fire Management Initiative (ISFMI). Over 10 days, knowledge of fire and traditional fire management practices were shared by Indigenous rangers and fire scientists from northern Australia with the people of Botswana and representatives from neighbouring countries such as Mozambique and Namibia in Africa.

ASRAC Rangers talked about combining their traditional knowledge with modern science and technology to burn early in the dry season and keep fuel loads down. Conference delegates heard about the 25 Indigenous-led carbon projects in northern Australia which are creating more than 400 seasonal jobs in remote communities. By reducing destructive wildfires and greenhouse gas emissions, these projects provide important carbon market opportunities. They also reinvigorate traditional culture and improve biodiversity. This technology is now being adapted for the southern African landscape in partnership with Government of Botswana and local communities as part of the ISFMI Botswana Pilot Project.

The Conference also provided the opportunity for ASRAC rangers to demonstrate their traditional fire practices and compare them to the fire management techniques used in Botswana.